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CCTV Security & Surveillance System

Now a day’s CCTV Security & Surveillance systems are not only limited to security means, but also helps in increasing productivity and reducing operational cost.

With latest CCTV Surveillance & System based on IP High End technology, we assure clients to optimize their existing security aspects to improve their effectiveness. Our services ranges from offering HD CVI based analog systems to IP-based tailor made solutions that enable users to monitor their business efficiently.

Security products offered by CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd allow system’s flexibility in terms of implementing cost-effective technology along with suitable design and specifications. We are directly associated with various well-known brands such as Samsung, Sony, Dahua, Hikvision, and C-Plus. Following are some security products that we offer,

  • 1. Indoor Doom camera with Night Vision
  • 2. Outdoor Buller Camera with Night Vision
  • 3. PTZ Camera
  • 4. Wireless Camera with Inbuilt Microphone
  • 5. Network Video Recorder
  • 6. Industrial Video Display Unit
  • 7. Video Wall Solution

Our adept experts specialize in CCTV Security & Surveillance installation and training to your staff. You can efficiently monitor unauthorized access in your surroundings by installing CCTV Security & Surveillance System.

Gate Automation With Parking Management System

Gate Automation With Parking Management System

CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers the latest technology including RFID to Card-based system to optimize control over automatic or restricted entry with relevant entry and exit data. Our trustable services made us to directly associate with some popular brands such as Samsung, Sony, etc. Our Gate Automation Systems comprises of following products

Gate Automation System has following products :

  • 1. Boom Barrier (manual or automatic)
  • 2. Automation for swinging gates
  • 3. Automation for sliding gate
  • 4. Automatic bollard
  • 5. Car park saver
  • 6. Garage and industrial door
  • 7. Shutter motor
  • 8. Full height turnstile
  • 9. Crash rated barriers and road blocker
  • 10. Tyre killer (spike & axle barrier)
  • 11. Flap barrier

Gate Automation and Parking Management Solutions provided by CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. are equipped with a cost-effective architecture that supports latest control systems including industry-specific parking management system, eminent Parking Guidance System, efficient entrance-exist gate barriers along with HD cameras.

We work to deliver guaranteed and long-term reliable service to offer effective parking control solutions that range from installation to maintenance.

Building Management Solution

Building Management Solution

CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd offers secure and scalable building management solutions to optimize an extensive range of building across multiple platforms. For accomplishing strategic business’ objectives, we design solutions, particularly for client’s specific needs.

Our BMS services vary from fully integrated intelligent building solutions to individual subsystems that help in simplifying complete control over different aspects of buildings for your comfort and safety, such as control stations for HVAC, monitoring facilities for power management, reporting for energy metering aspects, etc.

Business management solutions offered by CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. simply lets customers leverage all available visibility aspects to collect and analyze data for providing solutions to improve and control your building’s efficiency.

AMC & Repair Services

AMC & Repair Services

Trained technicians of CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. works to deliver uninterruptible Repair and relevant AMC Services that best meet client’s needs. Our Repair service includes on-time maintenance in order to detect all potential issues before they transform into system failure and let your data center to lose power.

We offer AMC services for all type of wired and wireless networking system, including Network Switched along with all type of passive and active components, including online UPS. It is observed that utmost 90% of UPS failures occur due to battery error. Thus, while inspecting UPS batteries our trained experts take care of all possible technical issues allied with UPS units.

At CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., our services are not limited to a one-time solution. However, our AMC services help users in minimizing errors while using the product to confer satisfaction to our esteemed clients.

Home Automation Solution

Home Automation Solution

CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. uses smart and latest technology to bring customized home automation solutions that suit your lifestyle and budget. We believe, Home automation is when different technology integrates together to form a single control system that does everything for homes.

We focus on providing simple and affordable home automation solutions. That’s why we confer complete home automation solutions that you can trust on blindly. We always suggest specific home automation solutions that perfectly fit your needs in order to bring real-time control for your living space.

Let CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. your first choice to personalize automation solutions for your home.

Fire / Smoke / Heat Detector

Fire / Smoke / Heat Detector

An audible fire/ smoke/ heat detector equipped in your premises could help in saving a life. Whenever there is a possibility of smoke or heat, our detectors blows a siren letting you enough time and warning that enable you to evacuate from the affected area.

CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. specializes in conferring fire safety products that efficiently host your business premises to avoid major harm or damage. We recommend purchasing fire / smoke / heating detectors from CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. helps to cater your fire safety needs with our ample range of fire safety products.

Our detector’s instant sensing abilities helps in providing some precious extra minutes to let you escape safely.

Wireless PTP & PTMP Solution

Wireless PTP & PTMP Solution

CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. confers its client’s reliable global network solutions that include designing, installation, exploitation, and maintenance of PTP and PTMP solutions. We offer instant video, voice, and data connectivity solutions that help in enabling virtual communication setups anywhere in the world.

Our Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point solutions for Wireless LAN are made to operate in distinct frequency bands, thus they are defined on the basis of data reassurance aspects, the availability rate, distance b/w the sites and other specific requirements.

Let CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. devise a PTP or PTMP solution that fits the exact needs at any location in order to offer a sustained connectivity free from obstacles.

Wi-Fi / Hot-Spot

cmm services india

Wireless Hotspots are ultimate devices used for convenient and efficient access to the internet. These setups efficiently established as the replacement for the traditional wired networks. At CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., we provide a fast-track to set up a secure and scalable Wi-Fi/ Hot Spot solution to mix with your business requirements. Additionally, our Wi-Fi / Hot-Spot solution includes Hot Zoning, especially solutions for campus Wi-Fi.

We consistently work to explore all available resources with the help of our pre-integrated wireless functions to optimize work on a single scalable platform, specifically designed for subscriber management, access control, billing, and web portals. However, Wi-Fi/ Hot Spot Setups also suits well for data acquisition, configuration, and monitoring of time controlled applications.

Access Control System

Access Control System

Access control solutions offered by CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. supports cost-effective, convenient, flexible, and secure channels to control unauthorized access to your premises and give your organization the desired security that it needs.

Our experts focus on designing solutions that facilitate the ever-changing requirements of an enterprise. Industry-specific access control solutions offered by CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. include Bio-Matrix Solution e.g. Face Recognition, Finger Print Recognition, Iris Registration, and Card & Pin Recognition.

Globally trusted by millions of customers, CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. delivers comprehensive access control solutions that help in winning a reliable reputation that secures your cloud resources, networks, and assets.

Retail Security Solutions

Retail Security Solutions

We offer complete retail security solutions including security consulting, specially designed for retail operations. Whether it’s small local shop or international retail chains, our experts work to deliver tailored security solutions to fit all needs of your retail store.

CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. reputation to provide up to date security solutions for retail industries is unparalleled. We understand that different type of losses demands distinct security measures. Thus, our security solutions help in improving your existing security aspects to protect business’ hard-earned profits and delivers maximum return on investment for all coming years. Reduce theft possibilities in your store with installing our elegant and adaptable retail security solutions.

Project Consultancy

Retail Security Solutions

CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd., established as the reliable name in the world of security industries that offers integrated technical consultancy services. We offer a premier and comprehensive range of project consultancy services that includes project designing, administration, and implementation in the security surveillance field for our valued clients.

Experienced experts that work for CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd offers industry-specific project consultancy services to assist clients in terms of developing innovative security solutions that help in meeting client’s perspective.

Networking Solutions

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CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd makes it quite simple to get the desired networking infrastructure that your business needs. Whether it’s installing a new network, adding an application, upgrading an existing network or network security, we offer all sorts of customized and end-to-end services for our clients.

At CMM Services (India) Pvt. Ltd, we help your business to operate more efficiently with our secure and scalable networking solutions. We specialize in offering networking solutions that let clients’ access high-quality systems for the better return on investment.